Normandy Bombing during WWII 

Background: A friend sent me this file; here's the information he sent with it:

"While going through some old "Home Recordings" I obtained at a local auction, I played most without reading the labels as they mostly were like "Aunt Maude on the piano" etc. However this one record had weird sounds I thought at first was a thunderstorm. I stopped the record and got out better light and read the faint penciled title. I nearly fainted. What I was listening to was a LIVE recording of the BOMBS during the invasion of Normandy. The title was "Normandy Bombs August 8 1944". I played it again and this time it gave me goose bumps knowing I was hearing actual history few have ever heard. The Recordio disk was in bad shape and the other side nearly unplayable as it had been wet and stuck to its sleeve wrapper. These disks were the first popular media of home recording before wire and tape recorders and now digital CDs. Someone in the military must have had one over there and captured this. The flip side is titled "With Canadian Troups in Normandy August 8 1944... I made a rough copy of side one with many scratches, pops, and sounds from the bad disk itself. IF you can ignore the sounds occurring at 78 rpm, the bombs can be heard as well as some voice that is hard to make out. The first voice I hear is about "...hundreds of rounds..." I have converted it to MP3 below:

Normandy WWII Bombing